dle Monster

Game Info—-Main

Issue Time: 16-08-16

Hi all,
From today, I will share some basic info about Idle Monster. Let’s start from the main screen.
1. Mall: You can buy diamonds, gold,draw pets and exchange fashions.
2. Market is the place where you can buy gears, gems, pet foods with gold or diamonds.
3. You can smelt gears, forge new gears or make suit piece in Smithy.
4. Explore is a feature especially for pets.
5. Guild: players can spend diamonds to create your own guilds or simply join others’. Honor is the lifeline for the guild. Each member should try to earn more honor to help your guild rank top.
6. PvP: as the name suggests, it’s the arena of player vs player. Yet you need PvP tickets to start the battles.
7. Dungeon: Kill the dungeon boss to collect materials that are used for refining your equipped gears.
8. Friend: Be-friend with other player, chat with them, send gifts to them. By doing so, you can get honor and increase bond points and your friends will get friend coins that can be used to buy in “Mall>>Pet”.
For more detailed ones, please check another one.
Hope the info is helpful
Have fun 🙂